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Seeing Conflict as an Opportunity

Conflict-resolution is one of my areas of development. If I were asked 6 years ago how I addressed conflict – totally dislike the phrasal verb “deal with” –  I would have responded: “I try to avoid it.”  My descriptions of the conflict referenced negative terms that exhibit the type of attitude I had towards it.  The fear to address conflict invaded my body and I ended up living with the situation instead of addressing it. It was until I had the opportunity of working closely with colleagues with different moral compasses that I started seeing the conflict from a different perspective. Conflict increased due to the human interaction we had daily. Most of the times I found myself in conflict situations where my beliefs, values and work ethic were not aligned with the rest of the team. That was the moment when I really understood I could not control a situation, but I could control how I responded to the situation. I started seeing conflict situations as an opportunity to grow and become a better communicator. I do not consider myself as an expert in facing conflict situations, but I can say that I have grown due to a reflective practice I engaged in daily. 

The most recent situation I faced had to do with a conflict I thought I had come to a resolution long ago. The situation created more discomfort as it was used in a way I did not expect it to be used. After giving myself time to analyze the situation, I decided to face the situation with the persons involved in it. Two conversations in which I shared my point of view allowed me to have a better understanding of the situation overall and keep a trusting relationship with the people involved. What I love the most is the feedback I got from them as my main goal is to be reflective and grow with every situation I encounter. 

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