Leadership Standards

While reflecting upon my new role as an instructional coach, I wondered how I would measure my growth throughout the school year. I previously used the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) as a teacher. However, most of the standards do not directly apply to my current role – instructional coach. I went a step further and looked into the tenets of leadership (The Texas Principal Evaluation & Support System) as described by the state of Texas and the National Standards. These standards establish what defines a leader on paper; however, I am committed to going above and beyond to apply the leadership standards -in my role as an instructional coach –  to what campus leaders do each day.  

STANDARD 1 INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP – Ensuring every student receives high-quality instruction. 

STANDARD 2 HUMAN CAPITAL – Ensuring there are high-quality teachers and staff in every classroom throughout the school. 

STANDARD 3 EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP – Modeling a consistent focus and personal responsibility for improving student outcomes.

STANDARD 4 SCHOOL CULTURE – Establishing and implementing a shared vision and culture of high expectations for all staff and students.

STANDARD 5 STRATEGIC OPERATIONS – Outline and track clear goals, targets, and strategies aligned to a school vision that continuously improves teacher effectiveness and student outcomes.